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PAX West 2021 Shipped Cookies!

Hello everyone! We have some delicious news for you!

We’re very excited to continue with our offering of shipped cookies as a reward for donations during PAX West weekend, Sept 3rd through Sept 6th. Donations of $75 or more through our Tiltify link can choose to receive a batch of cookies shipped from a home baker. The proceeds of those donations and any excess will go to Child’s Play charity. 

We will also have a very limited number of our older Pinny Pins available, the proceeds of those donations will support the Cookie Brigade and everything we do.  Please share and do tell your friends:

We will, of course, be streaming on our Twitch channel all weekend:

The expected schedule will be as follows:

  • Friday September 3rd 2pm PT until ~11am PT
  • Saturday September 4th 2pm PT until ~11am PT
  • Sunday September 5th 11am PT until ~11am PT

As a reminder we are an Affiliate on Twitch and we will gladly take your Twitch Prime subs that you get for free from Amazon Prime! Bits and Subscriptions will also go towards supporting the brigade and everything we do.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too for the most up to date happenings:

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