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PAX Online East 2021

Hello everyone! We have a few exciting announcements!

We’re very excited to trial shipped cookies for large donations during our PAX Online East streams. Donations of $100 or more through our Tiltify link can choose to receive a batch of cookies from a home baker. Please share and do tell your friends:

Our PAX Online East streaming schedule is shown below. A detailed schedule of each day will be posted as we get closer to the show, so please follow us on Twitter for up to date info:

The news gets even better! The Cookie Brigade is now also a Twitch Affiliate! Like our pins, the revenue from subscribers and bits donations will help fund the brigade itself and everything we do. Please stop by, follow, subscribe and tell your friends!

Join us for PAX Online July 15th through 18th. We will be streaming on the following dates and times, in Eastern Time.
Thursday July 15th 8PM until 12AM
Friday July 16th 6:30PM until 12AM
Saturday July 17th 2pm until 12 AM
Sunday July 18th 2pm until 7pm.

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