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The cookie brigade at pax east 2024!

This past weekend, the Cookie Brigade fundraised at PAX East in Boston, MA. This was the first time that we had an official booth on the show floor. The event was a major success, and we were able to raise over $118,000 for charity, beating our highest fundraising amount in 17 years by over $35,000!

The Cookie Brigade is a 100% volunteer-organized and operated organization. We rely on volunteers to operate our booth, drive traffic, and educate people on our mission. Our success at this PAX East is majorly attributed to the 20+ volunteers who donated their time to make a booth of this size possible.

Without any major grants currently funding our organization, we are completely community-funded. Thank you to the thousands of attendees who purchased pins and other merchandise throughout the weekend. These donations allow us to continue raising money for charity at future events.

Finally, thank you to everyone who enjoyed our delicious cookies, tearing through the over 10,000 cookies that we had at the start of the event. Your donations help Child’s Play charity continue its amazing work in hospitals across the United States.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next PAX event!

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