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PAX East 2020 Announcements

select of cookies from Feed Your Soul including soft chocolate chunk, cherry jubilee, snickerdoodles and honey oatmeal

It’s that time of year again – you can feel the chill in the air and faint scent of cookies, the Cookie Brigade is coming to bean town! We’ll be operating out of room #261 in the BCEC, so come visit us to nab your own delicious cookies and make your donation to Child’s Play.

We have some exciting changes and announcements in store for everyone this year with just a dash of sad news, so let’s jump right to it.

Come Find us on the Expo Floor Booth #31003!

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to find the Cookie Brigade on the Expo floor! We’re partnering with First 4 Figures (Booth #31003) to help them run a giveaway supporting Child’s Play! Check in with the Brigadier at the booth to get your hands on one of our exclusive Pinny Arcade pins, or to snag your own delicious cookie and make an additional donation to support Child’s Play.

Cookie Brigade Pins for Sale, Chippy on a horsey toy in a 10 gallon hat and a sheriff's star from PAX South 2020, Chippy in his truly chaotic form, Cookies for the Cookie Throne from PAX Unplugged 2019, both for $15.
Sheriff Chippy (PAX South 2020) and Chaos Chippy (PAX Unplugged 2020) both for $15 with proceeds going to support the Cookie Brigade General Fund.
PAX East 2020 Expo Floor map, Cookie Brigade will be at booth #31003 in the bottom left hand corner of the expo flooer on level 0
First 4 Figures location on the PAX East expo floor. Come by the booth to find a Cookie Brigadier.

To learn more, check out the First 4 Figures blog post about their booth and the giveaways.

A Delicious Partnership

Feed Your Soul bakery logo text within a stylized cookie circle.

We’ve partnered with Feed Your Soul, a bakery in the New York City area, to bring you delicious cookies and amplified giving! Feed Your Soul was founded by Mya Zoracki, who shares our passion for giving back and believes strongly in the power of a delicious cookie to facilitate change. Feed Your Soul proudly supports the Coalition for the Homeless so we’re excited to bring you a selection of their delicious cookies.

select of cookies from Feed Your Soul including soft chocolate chunk, cherry jubilee, snickerdoodles and honey oatmeal
A delicious selection of Feed your Soul cookies to be available at PAX East 2020.

You’ll also have a chance to claim your own golden ticket from these tasty treats. After a such positive reception at PAX Unplugged last year, we’ll be running this giveaway again at PAX East! Look out for a golden ticket hidden behind the sticker on Feed Your Soul cookies!

If you find a golden ticket come see us in RM #261 in the BCEC. Prizes must be claimed before the end of PAX East 2020.

We have some great prizes lined up already including some sweet computer gear from EVGA (Booth #13081), adorable new friends courtesy of Tasty Peach Studios, and some pro gaming gear from Ultra Pro International, with more to come! You can also snag one of our Pinny Pins and some other Cookie Brigade merchandise.


Now that we’ve told you all of that amazing news, we unfortunately have some bad news to deliver. We love to bring you new adorable new Cookie Brigade Pinny Arcade pins at each event as it provides us with desperately needed funds to support our operating costs, but due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, we will not have our new Pinny Arcade design as planned at PAX East. For more information please see the Pinny Arcade announcement.

The new design, from Omeganaut and pin designer extraordinaire Tina Collier (aka Pork Buns), will be held for debut at a future event. It’s a design we love, (and we’re sure you will too) so we’re looking forward to unveiling it later this year.

For PAX East 2020, we’ll have the PAX Unplugged 2019 Chaos Chippy pins, the 2020 PAX South Sheriff Chippy for $15 and the Chippy VR pins for $10 available from select brigadiers and at the First 4 Figures Booth #31003 while supplies last with all proceeds going to support our general Cookie Brigade fund.

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