Join us in "raising dough" for Charity

Our volunteers have raised an amazing amount of money to support charities and kids by baking and giving away free cookies and treats. How much will you raise?

Fundraising Events

With the Cookie Brigade, you have the opportunity to bring joy to your community and beyond.

Thanks to the help and generosity of people like you helped changed the lives of children and families around the world. It only takes a few minutes to sign up or to donate to our causes.

How to Get Involved

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Join us on discord, share your favorite games, and keep up with upcoming events!

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Join us on our discourse forums where you can share recipes and your own ideas for events!

Over $650,000 since 2007

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Lifetime Event Totals


Over $650,000 since 2007

    PAX South

    $56,687 since 2015

      pax eAST

      $265,882 since 2010

        PAX West

        $214,717 since 2007


          $88,434 since 2013

            PAX Unplugged

            $60,712 since 2017