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Chippy, the cookie brigade mascot wearing a VR headset and holding it up because its too big and he has no ears.

Cookie Brigade 2018 pin

Our first Pinny Arcade pin was so well received, we decided it was only logical to do another one. Samala went back to the drawing board and we sent Chip to check out some VR. We think he likes it, but the headset doesn’t fit well on his little cookie… Read More »Cookie Brigade 2018 pin

Cookie Brigade Chippy sitting down and holding a handheld gaming system for the Brigades first Pinny Arcade design.

Cookie Brigade has an official pin!

We’re now part of the Pinny Arcade family! For the past year, we’ve been secretly working on our new pin. A couple of our organizers, Samala and Vickinator, put their heads together to discuss ideas. Samala drew several concept sketches, we asked someone from the pinny community what makes a… Read More »Cookie Brigade has an official pin!

Design for the Cookie Brigade 10 year anniversary tin with the cookie brigade logo on a blue field of pixel cookies.

10 Years of Cookies!

Holy chocolate chip! It’s been 10 years since the Cookie Brigade first handed out cookies at PAX back in 2007. We’ve spread the cookie goodness to PAX East, PAX Aus, PAX South, and now PAX Unplugged. With the generous people who make PAX the greatness that it is, we have… Read More »10 Years of Cookies!

Brigade final total announcement for PAX South with Mike and Jerry on stage.

PAX Prime 2015 Retrospective

PAX Prime is it’s own unique beast, spanning multiple venues over several city blocks. Though it’s the place where we started and are most recognized, it’s still the PAX where we have to work the hardest. Our crew did an amazing job collecting $20,000 in donations to Child’s Play. Take… Read More »PAX Prime 2015 Retrospective

Brigade volunteers handing over a giant check at PAX West on stage.

PAX Prime 2013 Retrospective

PAX Prime annihilated the record set early this year by PAX East. After four days the Prime crew managed to destroy the $17,650 total from PAX East raising over $22,300 for Child’s Play. The brigade’s lifetime total is now over $115,000 and the Cookie Brigade has a new milestone, raising… Read More »PAX Prime 2013 Retrospective

Ransim on stage at PAX East 2013 handing off the Child's Play donations and a easter basket to Mike and Jerry

PAX East 2013 Retrospective

The Cookie Brigade had an amazing time this year at PAX East raising a staggering $17,650 for Child’s Play. That number wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts of our volunteer bakers, distributors and organizers who ensure the fund raising efforts go off without a hitch. Check out the… Read More »PAX East 2013 Retrospective