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PAX West

Eat me, old timey cartoon style Chippy cookie brigade mascot inviting you to eat him, design for PAX West 2019 Pinny Arcade pin

PAX West 2019 Pin

How could you tell him no? We’ve got a brand new pin design for the PAX West 2019 Pin Quest! All the cookies we make for you are just dying to be eaten so we immortalized that on a pin. Look for our brigadiers at the main queue line each… Read More »PAX West 2019 Pin

Brigade final total announcement for PAX South with Mike and Jerry on stage.

PAX Prime 2015 Retrospective

PAX Prime is it’s own unique beast, spanning multiple venues over several city blocks. Though it’s the place where we started and are most recognized, it’s still the PAX where we have to work the hardest. Our crew did an amazing job collecting $20,000 in donations to Child’s Play. Take… Read More »PAX Prime 2015 Retrospective

Brigade volunteers handing over a giant check at PAX West on stage.

PAX Prime 2013 Retrospective

PAX Prime annihilated the record set early this year by PAX East. After four days the Prime crew managed to destroy the $17,650 total from PAX East raising over $22,300 for Child’s Play. The brigade’s lifetime total is now over $115,000 and the Cookie Brigade has a new milestone, raising… Read More »PAX Prime 2013 Retrospective