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10 Years of Cookies!

10 Year Anniversary Cookie Tin lid

Holy chocolate chip! It’s been 10 years since the Cookie Brigade first handed out cookies at PAX back in 2007.

We’ve spread the cookie goodness to PAX East, PAX Aus, PAX South, and now PAX Unplugged. With the generous people who make PAX the greatness that it is, we have raised over $342,900 for Child’s Play. I’m not sure how many cookies that is… other than a lot of delicious noms!

With it being 10 years of delicious cookies for charity, we wanted to celebrate. The theme of the 10 year anniversary is the metal tin. So… What do cookies and tins have in common? COOKIE TINS!

That’s right! We have created a limited edition cookie tin to celebrate 10 years of cookies

What are in these tins?

Cookies of course! 12 cookies to be exact! Our volunteers are taking extra special time to make these cookies. Right now we don’t have a list of cookies. When announced we will let you know.

4 ways for you to receive your cookie tin:

Pick up at PAX West, PAX Unplugged, PAX Aus, or have it mailed. If you want the tin mailed to you, there will be an additional charge for shipping.

Delivery Estimates

Mailed Tins – After July 2017
PAX West – After September 2017
PAX Unplugged – After November 2017
PAX Aus – After October 2017



Order your tin today!

Please Note:

Currently we do not have any specialized tins for people with food allergies.
Due to postal concerns with Australia, we are not going to ship tins. All tins must be picked up at PAX Aus.

All The money raised from these tins will help us purchase the supplies needed for future events. From bags, hand sanitizer, and vitamins, we use these supplies to help our distributors hand out cookies.

Thanks again for 10 years of cookies, and here’s to another 10 more!

Achievement Unlocked, 10 Years!
Achievement Unlocked, 10 Years!

– Cookie Brigade

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